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The Ultimate Module Challenge

This is The Ultimate in Obstacle Courses! Now you can design and customize your next obstacle challenge. It has over 15 different configuration options! You can mix and match the sections into what seems like endless combinations. The course has 110 feet of pure fun! The obstacles include: pop-ups, squeeze through, tunnels, biff and bash poles, log jams, and a rock climb leading up to a Double Lane 18 ft slide that’s 28 ft long! Are you ready for a rush of adrenaline! The course is surrounded by high visibility sun shade mesh for easy viewing, allowing everyone to watch as the riders navigate through the Ultimate Obstacle Course!

This unit contains 3 pieces

(1) Slide Piece - $400

(2) Side Obstacles - $225 each

Full Unit One Day - $850.00

Double Rush

This obstacle course is Big and Bad. Fun and challenging course that offers the extra safety feature of having the players race on separate tracks through the obstacles. The bright, primary colors make it a very attractive centerpiece to your event. * Two players race at the same time. * Inflated walls keep players in unit. * Includes pop-ups, a squeeze-thru and other obstacles, then ends with a double slide ride. * Entrance and exit are on the same side for easier monitoring. Pick your favorite teammate and race to the finish thru this heart racing obstacle courses.

Height - 16'6"
Length - 39'6"
Width - 18'0"

One Day Rental - $525.00

Two Day Rental - $785.00

Backyard Obstacle Course

This 30 foot long inflatable obstacle course is designed for two people to go head-to-head in a race to the finish line. This will keep participants moving through the line quickly, and allow more people to get a turn on this fun and challenging course. The 30 Foot Obstacle Course offers a series of challenging physical activities including running, climbing, jumping, crawling and sliding.

Length 31'
Width 12'
Height - 12'

One Day Rental - $300.00

Two Day Rental - $450.00

Dunk Tank

Make a splash at your next gathering with this one of a kind shark tank dunk tank rental brought to you by My Cousin Vinny's Rentals. Whether you are planning a block party, school and church fundraiser, or community event, dunk tank rentals are always a crowd favorite.

One Day Rental - $225.00

Two Day Rental - $335.00

Velcro Wall

The Velcro Wall is easily the center of attention at any birthday party, barbecue, graduation, or any other special event. This inflatable is the perfect addition to any bouncy house rental business that wants to offer a full inventory of inflatable products. All partygoers need to do is get a running start, get a little bit of air, and they're instantly stuck to the wall!

Length 19'
Width 9'
Height 12'

One Day Rental - $165.00

Two Day Rental - $240.00

Shooting Stars Basketball

This fast-paced competitive Shooting Stars inflatable game will have participants offering up their best shots, in this dueling basketball game unlike any other. Each player can engage in a crossover shooting action as they try to make baskets, and as the ball return from each shot makes it to the opponent's lane, the first player to get rid of all their basketballs rules this inflatable court. This spirited inflatable game features full basketball court imaging, along with three-dimensional players and basketballs, comes with all essential accessories and is sure to attract plenty of future NBA stars!


One Day Rental - $165.00

Two Day Rental - $240.00

Batter-Up Baseball

The Batter Up lets your guests feel like they are in the big leagues, with this original baseball-themed inflatable game. Players can step up to the plate and take part in batting practice as they hit baseballs into an enclosed "outfield." The back wall has strategic holes, with designated 10-point values for each hit, amid realistic artwork, complete with defensive outfielders trying to catch the ball. The Batter Up inflatable game offers plenty of three-dimensional details, with a baseball bat- and ball-flanked opening and versatility; players can bat either left- or right-handed.

One Day Rental - $165.00

Two Day Rental - $240.00

Giant Jenga

Giant Tumbling Timbers includes 56 — 2x3 pieces and 19 rows of tumbling timbers fun! This timber game stands 2.5 feet tall and depending on your level of experience can reach a height of 5 feet! This game is great to take outdoors. Perfect for group events, parties, camping and more. Tumbling Timbers can be played by two place on the top. The object is to be the last player to successfully stack a wooden block without knocking down the tower! This set is made with beautifully crafted undecorated solid pine wood and is hand cut and sanded for smooth game play.

One Day Rental - $75.00


Yard Pong Cornhole

Have hours of fun with the newest, hottest game on the market! Yard Pong Cornhole! Included in the set are: 2 pong boards, 2 chipping mats, and 12 plastic golf balls.

To play- (Same rules as regular beer pong), except you have to chip the balls to the other end. Boards are placed 15 feet apart (or any distance- as long as the players agree before play starts). 6 balls start on each side. Player A chips a ball to the other side from their chipping mat. Then, Player B chips a ball from their chipping mat to the other side. You know how the game works from there, so have fun!

One Day Rental - $75.00


Giant Yard Pong

Giant yard pong is sweeping the outdoor social scenes across the country, notably the football tailgates, picnic, and pool parties. Our Pong is the perfect giant version of red party cups and ping pong balls. Very easy to carry to your next picnic or tailgate! Game is not intended to be a drinking game. "Don't drink from the bucket!"

One Day Rental - $75.00


High Striker

A carnival game classic! Test your strength with this High Striker. Can you ring the bell on this Turbo Striker? This High Striker is the classic carnival activity and with it's glory, it will surely draw a crowd. It's also great for fundraisers! This unit is a little smaller (only 6ft high) and is easier to use, which makes it a great option for events with young children.

One Day Rental - $75.00


Giant Connect 4

Start off your next big event with another awesome giant party game rental! The newest addition to My Cousin Vinny’s Rentals, Giant Connect Four! Go head to head with your friends and family to see who will be the reigning champ of this giant game. Perfect for all ages and most definitely the next big hit at your upcoming back yard party. This backyard games measures out to over 3 feet!

One Day Rental - $75.00


Giant Dominos

GET A LARGER THAN LIFE TAKE ON A CLASSIC with our 28 Piece Jumbo Wood Dominoes Game Toy Set! Our Oversized Tiles Measure 8 x 4 Inches and combines the strategic mathematical fun of this timeless game with giant wooden tiles that’s big on the excitement for your friends and family! Bring a little bit of flair to any house party or a backyard bash with the 28 Piece Jumbo Wood Dominoes’ rustic finish! The solid natural wood tiles are durable to withstand hours of gameplay and can be stacked, toppled, and knocked down for an exhilarating chain reaction!

One Day Rental - $75.00